Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ashley Madison and the news media

Christian Science Monitor:

Syria attack video: CBS/60 Minutes comment

ESPN analyst removed from Little League beat

Twitter, Facebook accounts of suspect 'scrubbed'

News crew shot. For latest information.

ABC News too gossipy?

From New York magazine via Poynter:

Ben Sherwood, boss of the Disney/ABC Television Group, oversees the whole broadcast network and properties like the Disney Channels and A&E. He's an iconoclastic, rich kid former Rhodes Scholar who's left the corporate track several times only to return to greater success. Brilliant, aggressive, empathetic and not disinclined with "using the press to pummel the competition," like NBC's "Today," he's had huge success even as he's overseen a workplace at ABC News that's "toxically gossipy," says CNN's Chris Cuomo, who's worked at ABC, CNBC, MSNBC and Fox. A long opus suggests he may be on track to run all of Disney one day, even if some former news stalwarts, like Ted Koppel, apparently cringe over his populist ways with content. They're working. (New York)

AJA makes more cuts

The problem-plagued network, which has done some fine work but simply not generated an audience, apparently will ditch its morning news programming. It "plans to air programming from Al Jazeera's main studios in Qatar in the mornings, U.S. time." (Adweek) And when might it ever bite the bullet and change the name? It's a tale of a big branding and marketing mistake they could teach at some graduate school of business.

PR pros: We do not manipulate people!